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Crescendo (Song of the Fallen) (Volume 2) - Rachel Haimowitz

Jagall knelt beside Ayden, ducked his head to catch Ayden’s eye. “The song ails gravely, I know. But your mind-ear will soon numb, I promise you.”

Though Ayden knew ’twas futile, he struggled anew against the hands that held him. “Are you saying I will be deaf?”

Jagall shook his head. “Not forever, child. What is done today can be undone, remember? Besides, have you not been deaf from the moment you stepped inside the keep?”

Ayden supposed he had, more or less, but such thoughts brought no comfort now.

“The pain will end. You must hold on to that, do you understand?”

Ayden nodded.

Jagall nodded back, and slid the collar round Ayden’s neck.