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Shiver - Brooke Blaine, Ella Frank

I nodded as he touched his glass to mine, and he held my gaze as I lifted the wine to my lips. The taste was bitter, and I only managed a small sip before setting it back on the table. Okay, that one is going to take some getting used to.

“Something wrong with the wine?”

“Oh, uh… No, it’s fine.”

“Try again.”

I blushed and fingered the edge of my napkin.

“Well, I don’t really drink a lot of wine.”

“Ah. So it’s not to your taste?”

Uh, not at all. How awkward to admit I didn’t have the palate for a super-expensive wine and would prefer dollar drafts at one of the pubs I went to when I had spare change. “I’m sure it’s great, but it might take some getting used to.”

Salvatore fingered the lip of the glass. “That’s a shame. Red wine pairs so nicely with the lamb I’m going to eat later.”