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Curious - Seth King

Curious indeed.  I wanted so much to love this.  And love the cover and the characters I did.  But I was mostly left a little confused.


Both of these guys came off to me as Gay or at least Bi...but never straight with the curiosity for something else so the MSM for me didn't really apply to these guys (although I appreciated the introduction and discussion of this "growing phenomenon").  Having both POVs for me reinforced this as well as seeing so many scenes from their beautiful friendship growing up. I think ultimately this might have worked better for me had we only gotten Nathan's POV.  Perhaps even switching to Beau's at the very end of the book.  Because it seemed their personal thoughts never really coincided with what unfolded and therefore the intended WTF moment at the end was not near as impactful as it could have been.


The prologue was left unresolved, so honestly I still have no idea who walked into the hotel room or why this prologue was even included.


The switch in POVs many times had me scratching my head as to who's head I was in, and left me having to flip back to see.  The indication of who is speaking during the dialogue at least a few times would have helped this, as this was very limited if done at all.



I love Seth's writing and there are some amazing moments in this book but ultimately this one fell short for me.