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Saving Sebastian - Luna David

As there was no useful information to be gleaned from Alan’s indecipherable noises, Gideon raised the crowbar and slid it between the man’s upper thighs and held it there while Alan did his best to stay still while he continued to moan and beg. The truly warped part of Gideon conjured up an image of the children’s game Operation. He touched the scorching metal to his trussed-up victim’s inner thigh and the screaming began.

After he was sure there would be quite a large brand left behind, he crouched down and whispered, “I think I’ll give you a brand in every location each of the victims had one. What do you think? Little Elira had one on her pelvis, didn’t she? Let me ask you this, are you the one that brands them before sending them off to the syndicate to be sold like chattel?”



Alrighty then...  ;)