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Unwrapping Hank

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Unwrapping Hank - Eli Easton 4,5 stars

A Christmas quickie that was so much more.  ❤️❤️  

I have to say there are times when I start a book and really have no recollection of what it's about. I see good reviews from those I trust, I read the blurb and it goes on the list. Then outta sight outta mind. So starting this I am not sure what I expected but what I got was so much more!  Which was...

  • Sloane - MC, 19ish, openly gay, veterinarian major, frat boy, rich traveling parents
  • Hank - MC, 20ish, closed off, tattooed, fit, gay or not?, philosophy major, frat boy, hippie farmer parents
  • Micah - Hank's brother, 22ish, straight but curious, frat boy

While some readers dislike Hank, I loved him and really all three of the boys from the start.

  • Sloane's "The Mystery of Hank" listing (quite cute)
  • Frat party (thankfully this consumes little page time)
  • A frat house (that I have yet to see one like...I work at a university and they all smell like beer and piss)
  • A change in Christmas plans
  • Some amazing parents
  • Dogs, chickens, cows
  • One douchebag 
  • A Christmas Eve drag show with a damn hot dance scene
  • A hay loft (need I say more?)
  • Close call on some condoms, phew

Overall, Hank's "unwrapping" could have been stretched out a bit more. His acceptance at being gay to "the hay loft" was quite fast...but by this point in the book you're ready!

I personally like it when a character, who comes across as rough and tough, is really emotional, sweet and loving...and Hank is just that.

I could so easily read this again anytime and desperately want more with these two.  Eli Easton has commented that he plans on writing Micha's story to be released next year.  Glimpses of our couple?? I can only wish!

This pic was used by Elsbeth recently, so upon hearing the description of Hank, was my vision...not bad at all!