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True (Temptation Series, Book 6)

True - Ella Frank



It all began with a word.




And after 4 years, the written story of Logan and Tate comes to an end.  And what a perfect end it is…down to the last scene, the last kiss and the last thought.  It was perfect.


My heart is so full. Not only with how this came to closure, but just in how these last 3 books have felt like coming home to my favorite couple.  Never was there a doubt that these two would be together forever.  The growth of Logan will continue to be one of my favorite journeys ever.


Not only do we get closure on some characters, we see such love and devotion from three of the best side characters in this series. 








They are home.  They are family. 


And be sure you have Kleenex on hand…because they are love.


I cannot thank Ella enough for this couple.  I am tearing up writing this.  I know they will never really be gone as they will never leave our hearts…they have become permanent residents.  And with every reread we will fall harder and harder for them.  I can only hope, given future books, that we will catch glimpses of these men again and again….because what I never expected was for Robbie to become such an important person to Logan and Tate as well.  They are so protective of this sassy Princess…and one I look forward to knowing even more.


So while I know we need to say Goodbye, I will never be able to do it.  But know that I am content. I am happy. And I will plead and beg everyone I know to read this series so that they too will know what a joy it is to have these characters in their heart.



*An ARC was received by the Author in exchange for an honest review*