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Best of 2017

What a year for books. My heavens. After reading over 120 new books this year plus countless rereads, I am left with nearly 40 *5 Star* books. Just wow! So how to pick…
Well for me, I have to come back to the books that I continue to think about, that I continue to relive in my mind and ones that I will not soon forget. So the best of the best is…
“Saving Sebastian” by Luna David
“Shiver” by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine
“The Executive Order Series” by Tal Bauer
“A Love Song for the Sad Man in the White Coat” by Roe Horvat
Unbelievable reads that I cannot recommend highly enough!
<3 <3 <3
Now…on to some other highlights…
• A Most Perfect Ending for my most favorite couple… “The Temptation Series” by Ella Frank
• Pushing My No-No Limits… “Violated” by Jamie Fessenden
• Books where Authors come close to beating out my favorite they’ve written...

         “Kidnapped by the Pirate” by Keira Andrews

         “On Davis Row” by N.r. Walker
         “Depth of Field” by Riley Hart
• My new Auto-Buy Author… Roe Horvat
• Best Mindfuck #teamhayde, #teamkidcore #teamblood…“The Clipped Saga” by Devon McCormack
• One word…BORIS… “The Rules” by Jamie Fessenden
• Not at all what I expected... “Power Exchange” by AJ Rose
• A Taboo that was soooo far from Taboo... “Our Gentle Sin” by Lyra Evans
• Where Audio is a MUST… “Where We Left Off” by Roan Parrish, Narration by Spencer Goss
• The Blurb may have clued me in… “Switched” by N.r. Walker
• Nik and Ben, <3 enough said..."This Other Country" and "Death's Ink-Black Shadow" by John Wiltshire
• A series that I should have quit after book 3. Unbelievable then Crushing… “The Original Sinners Series” by Tiffany Reisz
• A HEA that started before the characters even met... The conclusion to the Preslocke Series, “Wedlocked” by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine
• Paranormal at its best… “Soul Searching” by AJ Rose
• Nothing is how it seems… “We Met in Dreams” by Rowan McAllister
• Call me Daddy… “Jared’s Evolution” by Riley Hart
• Gorgeous Cover, Gorgeous Story… “The Bravest Thing” by Laura Lascarso and “Living Out Loud” by Christina Lee and Nyrae Dawn
• Where sex at first sight leads to one hell of an explosive relationship… “Kane’s Awakening” by Jaclyn Osborn
• Did someone say Sexual Tension?... “Counterpoint” by Rachel Haimowitz
And finally…
• Where Master Bella meets Gladiator… “Dominion” by Nicholas Bella
Thanks to everyone for such an amazing year!!