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Love Me Whole

Love Me Whole - Nicky James

Together we are strong.

Together we will survive.


The mind amazes and scares me.  Knowing people in my life who have mental issues and seeing firsthand the images and situations that can be created within the mind is fascinating but also so damn frightening.  The mind holds really all the power over the human body and to see a mind conjure up such vivid images and thoughts is scary. And yet, the mind can also protect the body by guarding memories from coming forward. How?  I am utterly amazed. Ok I am crying now. 


This book is one that I feel will stay with me for the rest of my life.  I fell in love with all of these beautiful characters and personalities.  Their differences, their similarities and yet their common love for Oryn.  Their true desire to protect.



This is not a book I can easily review however.  This is a journey and an experience that as a reader you just need to submerge yourself into.  DID, or Dissociative Identity Disorder, from what I have since read further about on line, is so amazingly and accurately depicted in this book.  Written with such care and compassion. 



Yes, disorder is chaotic.  Yes, it is chaos.  And yet for me this disorder is offering protection. It is creating safety and love and the mind is trying to hold together something that could spiral out of control if it were not doing so.  For me this book is about order not chaos.  This is about the mind finding a way.  And Vaughn…gaaahhh sweet Vaughn.  If everyone could look at another human being the way Vaughn looks at Oryn, this world would be a better place.  Ok literally, I cannot see my screen through the tears. I need to stop now.


Read this book. Just read it. Go in with as accepting of a mind as Vaughn, and while you will be as scared as he is at times, you will feel so many similar emotions, conflicting thoughts and will be equally challenged by what is considered “normal”.  Realize not every relationship is the same, not every mind is the same and certainly not every love is the same. 


*Highly recommended*