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Color Me In

Color Me In  - Riley Hart

“I can’t promise I’ll be perfect, that I won’t stumble. I’m still getting comfortable in my skin, but… all I know is, being with you… it feels right. You feel right. It’s like everything was black and white and now I’m seeing in color. Like I was just an outline and you somehow colored me in.”


I have to say I thought about the movie Pleasantville a few times.  



This was beautiful and quite possibly the most sensual book I have ever read.  Ryan’s discovery and exploration into his sexuality was something I had never seen developed before and Riley just did an unbelievable job here.  And Caleb was just the perfect balance for him…an absolutely beautiful and giving partner.


I made the decision to reread "Depth of Field" before starting this book, and I am so glad I did.  Shane and Van played a pretty big part in this story, definitely more than a glimpse for sure.  I once again found myself gravitated to Van, his story and his character.  So much love for him.


This book honestly had very little angst.  The passionate build was just amazingly developed between these two and the background for Ryan quite heartbreaking. 


I will say that I wish we had gotten more of Caleb’s background.  I felt his time away from Last Chance was underdeveloped and I desperately wanted more. I also wish we could have gotten a bit more of how Ryan’s father and Ex-wife’s relationship with them developed further.


But overall, this was another winner by Riley Hart.  I am very curious if we will visit Last Chance again in the future as any opportunity to visit these men would be well received by me.


*Highly Recommended*