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In the Absence of Light

In The Absence Of Light - Adrienne Wilder

Morgan may be autistic, but he is a normal man with a mental condition, not a mental condition who is a man.”


Good heavens. Once again Adrienne Wilder has blown me away with her intense and passionate relationships. This one...just wow. The sex scenes in this are quite possibly the best I’ve read. Unique, intense and just absolutely beautiful. And don’t get me started on the eye contact between Morgan and Grant. I absolutely cannot wait to read this again.


A six star read on the couple and their relationship no doubt. The humor and heart in this is so well crafted that you can’t help but love every minute they are on page together. This one fell short with the FBI and Grant’s business dealings. It was really too much and pulled me away from the parts I really wanted. Bummer on that front...but hey...this couple is soooo worth it.