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Risk Taker

Risk Taker - Lily Morton

This just really didn't work for me and honestly little things annoyed me more than they should have over time. I loved both men so it was not that. But were they really 34 years old? There is a gap of about 10 years in their relationship and in Ivo's artistic endeavors or lack there of, that seemed missing completely. Referencing a photograph and possible exhibition at the beginning that went unresolved, then comments about picking back up painting and implications that he had not painted since his father died, back during college (what I assume is 12 years earlier???)...and yet he is a well-renowned artist?  I am also not really sure they ever really talked to each other the way they should have and by the end I was just worn out on them both.


Hate it for me. Book 1 in this series is brilliant and definitely my favorite of the 3.