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Bound Gods: Betrayed - Adrienne Wilder

Tears filled Kaleb’s eyes. “But you said Doxies were furniture.”

“They are. But right now, you are not a Doxie. You are mine, and I want you to be happy. I want you to know how much I cherish you. These moments may be fleeting, but they will never go away, and I want you to remember them when I ask you for what I need.” Leo kissed Kaleb, long and slow, as if feeding from his soul and not his mouth. He took a breath. “When I push you.” Another. “When I drink up your pain.” Another. “How you feel right now, when you surrender to me. When you cry out in your desperation, when you beg and plead for me to stop. When you hurt.” Leo captured Kaleb’s mouth again and all he could do was let the man take until he was ready to breath again. “When you shed tears. This is how you make me feel.”


So in love with this relationship!  <3