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Best of 2018




This year’s “Best Of” revolve around 4 amazingly written series with the top spot landing at Cordelia Kingsbridge’s “Seven of Spades” Series.  (Book #5 due out in March).  Not only did this story blow me away with the serial killer and mystery aspects but Levi and Dominic now land in my top 5 MM couples of all time. Unbelievably developed characters and relationship.


Rounding out the rest of the best of series are:


#2 – Edmond Manning’s “King” Series.  Explore this series with the “Heightened Cliffhanger Sequence” where King Daniel is read in sections between each of the other books.  Definitely a series that cannot be explained and must be experienced. Absolutely beautiful!


  1. “King Perry”
  2. In “King Daniel”, read chapters 1-3
  3. “King Mai”
  4. In “King Daniel”, read chapters 4-7
  5. “The Butterfly King”
  6. In “King Daniel”, read chapters 8-10
  7. “King John”
  8. In “King Daniel”, read chapter 11
  9. “Come Back to Me”
  10. Finish reading “King Daniel”


#3 – “Flesh Cartel” Series by Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau.  An absolutely brilliant mindfuck!! I miss Dougie, Mat and even Nik.  May need a reread of this in 2019.

#4 – “Bound Gods” Series by Adrienne Wilder.  The world of Gods and Doxies is built beautifully here and in a way that explores the role and strength of Doxies that is most unexpected.  Love these characters and eagerly await more.




As far as standalones go, the top of the list by far is Nicky James’ “Love Me Whole”.  Like with most of Nicky’s stories, the mind is explored in ways I have not seen by many other authors.  While this was one of the first books I read in 2018, it is one that has not left my thoughts at all. 


Rounding out the rest of the best of standalones is:


#2 – “Rule Breaker” by Lily Morton.  While technically part of a series, this one can be read all by itself.  One word…GABE!

#3 – “The Escape” by Nicky James.  Another that is technically part of a series but can be read solo.  Diving here into Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, this one is another that has not left my thoughts all year.


Total Number of Books Read – 134


Another amazing year of books from some talented authors in the MM Genre.  Eagerly awaiting more from Cordelia Kingsbridge and Adrienne Wilder as their series continue and likely come to a close.  Rereads are in order starting in January.  A huge thanks to all the authors who I had the honor to read this year!