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I Saw You First

I Saw You First - Darien Cox

I had broken *him*. I’d thought that was what I wanted. To break him. But now I wanted to take it back. To unbreak him. I’d never considered what this information might do to him. I hadn’t cared. But now I was shaken to discover I did care. He was so big and tough and obnoxious, I didn’t think he could be broken. I’d expected him to fight me. I had not anticipated this reaction. “Are you all right?”


I absolutely loved everything about this. But damn...this one packs a punch. There is no doubt this one will be reread in my future as the story will be one that sticks with me for many years to come.

The HEA these three men receive is well earned. Man. My heart breaks for any child subjected to this kind of upbringing.