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Blaze (Unbreakable Bonds #5)

Blaze - Rinda Elliott, Jocelynn Drake

Ummm. So yeah this didn’t work for me.


Story was a 3. I really could have done without this EPA drama and had a book solely about the wedding but that’s just me. I found myself skimming a lot. Oh and did you know Lucas and his niece look just alike?? Like wow. Not sure I heard that enough. I’m worried the future book will be similar. Family dramalama with less about the boys.


The boys were a 4. I missed Jude, Ian and Hollis which is why this is not a 5. Their presence was definitely missed. I could have also used some additional tender moments at the reception in lieu of another round of hot sex. Phew. Toasts, dancing and that hug between Snow and Andrei. Yep...that I needed.


Book an average of 3.5.


Anyway, I love these guys and their “Unbreakable Bond”. But for me it’s time to say goodbye and let these guys live on in my head.