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Beyond Duty

Beyond Duty (Expanded Edition) - S.J.D. Peterson

These guys are sweet alpha marines dedicated and loving. But there was really nothing to this couple. I kept hoping we would get some flashbacks...maybe their first kiss, first sexual interaction, or something but we didn't. This pretty much all occurs 22 years after they met and I think 10 years into their sexual relationship. IDK... I just needed more. Some drama or something. But there was really nothing. And honestly I would not even call this a BDSM story at all. From what I had read before picking this up I thought it would be pretty heavy but nope. One scene in a basement and a couple of uses of "boy" and that pretty much was it.


Overall this was just not what I was hoping for as I definitely was expecting more. Again a loving couple with no dramalama so if that is what you're after tackle this one for sure. By no means is this a bad book at all. Quite sweet actually...just not what I was hoping for.


Oh well...